Everyday Inspiration


When I left my house this morning it was snowing. In buckets. Again. Last year’s mild winter obviously spoiled me, because I am still inexplicably surprised every time I walk outside and can’t see the ground for layers of ice and snow drifts. After a harrowing drive to make an early appointment, I decided to stop for breakfast on the  way back and give the snow plows a chance to get out and at least clear the worst of the weather.

As I sat next to the window, overhearing snippets of conversation from the room around me, one of the men in the next booth said, “Should we give him a push?” With no further discussion, these two guys left their breakfast, didn’t even pause to put on their coats, and walked outside to give a helping hand to the Mustang that was hopelessly spinning his wheels in the parking lot. It only took a second, he was on his way, and they were back inside as if nothing happened.While these two strangers probably aren’t on a mission to change the world, they’re doing it anyway.

30 Jan Snow

Kid President gave us some great advice in his pep talk:

“This is your time. This is my time. It’s our time, if we can make everyday better for each other, if we’re all in the same team let’s start acting like it. We got work to do. We can cry about it or dance about it. We were made to be awesome.”

That’s what I’m trying to do. I’m just a normal person, eating mybreakfast, wondering how one little drop in the vast sea of humanity can do anything to help hold back the storms and make life a little easier for my team.  I can’t quit work and go build orphanages in Asia. I can’t start a non-profit that teaches literacy to the kids in the favela. I don’t even think I’d be good at it. But I am determined to make a difference. So come with me on this journey to find out how one person, in whatever small and simple ways, can help change the world.


5 responses to “Everyday Inspiration

  1. I’m so glad you’ve started a blog! I loved the story you shared and especially loved Kid President’s video and advice. I want to do my part too!

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